Often, many associate glass elevators with malls or childhood books like Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. While both of these are somewhat accurate associations, glass elevators appear in a number of places, and one of them can be your home. Typically, a glass elevator in a mall or hotel gives you a panoramic view of the buildings and, similarly, one in your home has the same effect. Additionally, the inclusion of a glass elevator is said to make the space seem more open, as the structure seems to be less closed off. A custom elevator company like Artisan Elevators allows you to create such a structure in your home. As the design possibilities with Artisan are nearly endless, adding a glass elevator to your home can be done.

As glass elevators are added for the panoramic effect, such structures have both a glass elevator car and hoist way. In terms of adding this to your home, both the hoist way and car will be installed together. While such a design is seen often with a pneumatic lift, such an elevator design typically isn’t glass. Also, both rounded and square elevator cars are options with glass elevators, and all types of elevator systems can be made from glass. Whether a hydraulic lift, winding drum, or machine traction drive mechanism is better for your home, all types can be made out of glass.

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Typically, a glass elevator consists of a basic metal frame with glass panels. Although the walls of the elevator and the hoist way are all transparent from the glass, the floor isn’t always. With Artisan, such glass home elevators can have a standard or glass floor. But, while these fully glass elevators are somewhat common, they don’t need to be made fully from glass. In fact, such birdcage styles offer a similar panoramic vision by combining this glass form with an ornate, birdcage-like metal frame. When adding a glass elevator into your home, Artisan will work with you to explore all of the design possibilities.