What do you do when you want an elevator to match the inside of your home? The best solution is to create a custom home elevator. Companies like Artisan Elevators assist you with designing custom home elevators. With a specific form, a home elevator can be designed in a number of ways. Whether you want a birdcage elevator or one made from exotic woods, both styles are possible when planning a custom home elevator, in addition to many more. The plan for all custom home elevators, however, is based on the movement mechanism that is best for your home. As a home elevator is added to a home for convenience or accessibility options, the type of operating system frames how one of these elevators can be designed.

The first part before designing a custom elevator is deciding which operating mechanism works within your home. In general, some home elevators are designed with extreme case scenario safety in mind – such as in case of earthquakes or tornadoes – while others are created to use a minimal amount of space. For the former, hydraulic elevators give the best protection in case of natural disasters, especially as the elevator cab can be manually lowered down the hoist way. A hydraulic elevator, however, needs a machine room to operate, and this will take up additional space, as well as installation time, in one’s house.

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Other types of home elevators operate from above with either a winding drum or machine traction drive mechanism. These have the cab suspended in the hoist way and move it between floors by means of a counterweight or rail-like mechanism, respectively. Additionally, a pneumatic elevator is another option. Pneumatic elevators move a cab between floors by a vacuum suction mechanism. This type of elevator is the narrowest one available and requires the least installation. All three of these home elevator options need no machine room.

Once the form has been decided, the actual planning can begin. When working with creators at Artisan Elevators, you can design the elevator according to your style expectations. For example, if you want the elevator to match the rest of your home, this can be planned. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, we can work within your budget. Materials for designing custom elevators range from various woods to various metals – both domestic or common and exotic – and these can be incorporated however you want, including metal and wood paneling inside or as an elaborate birdcage frame. For some ideas, see our design gallery.