While you might most often encounter elevators in a city high-rise or a hotel, in recent decades, more and more homeowners have sought to install an elevator in-house. But what do you do when you want an elevator to match the inside of your home? The simple solution is a custom home lift that can blend well with and elevate the look of the home. Working with our skilled mechanics and crafters, you can design an elevator for home installation that’s exactly like you envision.

What Type of Home Elevator Will You Choose?

The first part of designing a custom elevator is deciding which operating mechanism is the right choice for your home. Some in-home elevator systems are designed with extreme-case-scenario safety in mind, such as earthquakes or tornadoes, while others are created to use a minimal amount of space. For the former, hydraulic elevators give the best protection in case of natural disasters, since these elevators in houses affected by power outages can be manually lowered down the hoistway. A hydraulic elevator, needs a machine room to operate, however, and this will take up additional space as well as installation time.

Other home elevators operate from above with either a winding drum or machine traction drive mechanism. These have a cab that is suspended in the hoistway and moves between floors by means of a counterweight or rail-like mechanism. These types of in-home elevators require less energy. A pneumatic elevator is another option for small home elevators. Pneumatic elevators move the cab between floors with a vacuum suction mechanism. These are the narrowest elevators for homes, requiring very little space and the least installation time. All three of these home elevator options need no machine room.

Perfection in Every Detail

After choosing the type of mobility system for your in-home elevator, it’s time to customize it to fit your vision and your aesthetic. We’ll be here to support you through every step of crafting and installing your custom elevator. Home lifts can come in a variety of styles, so first, it’s helpful to consider which is right for you. Whether you want a birdcage elevator or one made from exotic woods, we can hand-craft a custom home elevator with the look that you choose, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation that blends seamlessly with the décor of your home or stands out to make a unique statement.

You have many design options and materials at your disposal to create your luxury house elevator lift. We can create a panoramic glass elevator with a sleek, modern look, a vintage-style lift with ornate metalwork in bronze or copper, or a more traditional elevator that incorporates woods from oak to teak to cherry.

At Artisan Elevators, we offer custom home elevators for sale to match whatever you have in mind. For a bit of inspiration, look at our design gallery to see what we’ve created for other clients. Then, contact us today to see what we can make for you.