Out of all design possibilities, wood is highly sought after. One, the material creates a sense of warmth inside the elevator – one defining or matching your interior’s character. When you strive to veer away from metallic coldness or stark minimalism, wood’s organic implications set the stage for a new perspective and feel.

Of course, this scenario presents just one use. Wood’s vast array of colors and grains, paired with finishes, drastically opens up interior designs for your elevator cab. What can you do?

1. Select a Species

Say you’re going for a uniform look, or even a two-tone one of light-finished wood juxtaposed against a darker material. No matter what you envision, companies like Artisan draw from a range of species.

Keep it simple and classic with a domestic wood, such as oak, pine, or walnut. However, as the North American flooring market starts to include more exotic species, your custom elevator, too, can capture the latest design trends. Consider a reddish tint with Brazilian cherry, go for a darker, more mysterious character with an ebony wood, or incorporate character marks with Australian Cyprus.

2. Change the Configuration

Panels aren’t just the only arrangement, and if four walls in one or two species seem too basic, go with something else.

Custom elevators have displayed a six-panel interior, each cut at a different angle, or create a three-dimensional effect with raised sections. Or, if you see the cab’s interior as a true work of art, have a woodworker develop a contrasting configuration out of multiple species and finishes in uneven lengths and combined with other materials.

3. Go Contemporary

For matching modern and contemporary architecture, custom elevators are a hot commodity. Although glass and metal might be the materials of choice for their minimalism, solid-color woods aren’t off limits.

For adding a hint of warmth and breaking up the expected simplicity, consider incorporating wood panels or accents into your elevator’s design.

4. Be Retro

On the other hand, wood comes with classic connotations. You’ve likely seen it somewhere in an older building or in pop culture: A fully wooden elevator, with a slightly glossy finish, accented by brass hardware. In a modern context, you can strive to create such a classic image, or make it your own through variations.

To get started creating a custom elevator, browse through our gallery, and give Artisan a call to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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