When you make the choice to add a custom luxury elevator to your home, you’ve made the decision to add convenience, safety and reliability to your home.

A customized home elevator means choosing the design that best fits your home.
Being involved in the creative process of choosing a one-of-a-kind, hand built elevator is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

One of the more popular home elevator choices in recent years is the glass elevator. The view is special inside a glass elevator, even for a short ride inside a home. They are easy to install inside a home.

They are called glass elevators, but the transparent material that makes up the elevator cab’s exterior is not often technically glass. The panels are often manufactured from a clear polycarbonate. It closely resembles glass and makes it easier to classify the elevator as a “glass” elevator. It should be noted that real glass can be used in the building of a custom elevator. However, the overall cost of the elevator will be significantly higher.

Glass elevators can be cable-driven or pneumatic (vacuum-driven). The versatility and easier installation process associated with glass elevators makes these elevators offer a wonderful option for a customized home elevator.

Work with your home elevator company to design and a craft the perfect elevator for your home.

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