According to a 2013 article in the Los Angeles Times, elevators are – literally – on the rise for homeowners. Glass, particularly, is a highly sought-after option for contemporary houses, but in terms of design, what characteristics should this elevator have?

A Panoramic View

You’ve styled your home a certain way for a reason. Now, you want to check it out from every angle and show it off.

A panoramic design perfectly lets you do this. Looking through its clear-paneled walls, you and any passengers will be able to see all areas of your precisely designed house along your journey – ground level to the second floor.

It’s Compact

Nothing says “dated” like a bulky system. Just look at modern electronics – sleeker, thinner, and sometimes small enough to fit right in your palm or pocket.

Contemporary elevators mirror this aesthetic. First off, as many use a vacuum design, a machine room isn’t necessary – one less aspect to consume space. Furthermore, the hoistway and car require minimal installation, so your home will need fewer adjustments to accommodate this innovative fixture.

These characteristics provide another asset – these elevators offer an extremely adaptable design. Within reason, you can install it nearly anywhere – in the middle of a room, to the side, or in the middle of a winding staircase, to name a few choices.

It Adds a Sense of Openness

Minimalism often composes the core of contemporary architecture – sharp lines, few colors and materials, and a lack of embellishments. Some might call it utilitarian or ascetic; however, this simple approach opens up a space, taking out any clutter or aspects that would divert your attention.

Contemporary elevators assist in conveying this ubiquitous theme. First off, the system’s visual aspects rely on clear panels and a metal frame – a versatile design that matches without becoming a centerpiece. Second, the glass tube and car won’t obstruct your view, whether you’re standing in the room or using the elevator to travel from one floor to another.

Yet, even the most seemingly basic architectural facets require customization to make it truly yours. If you have a vision for a glass elevator or want to explore your options, contact Artisan to learn more.

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