As residential elevators have become more affordable, the next step in luxury is to create a custom design. Custom residential elevators are built according to your expectations. This can include the design and architecture of the elevator cab and hoist way, as well as the materials used. From various metals to exotic woods, almost nothing is off limits when designing a custom residential elevator with Artisan. Some common designs for custom residential elevators include birdcage elevators and panoramic designs. While both of these are possible through our design team, so are many others. Nearly any idea for an elevator can be realized by working with our team.

Creating a residential elevator from scratch involves a joint effort between you and Artisan. After the type of elevator has been decided, you and the group of designers at Artisan trade sketches and ideas. Want your elevator cab to match the interior of your home? This can be discussed and drawn into a two-dimensional plan. Want to create something more elaborate? This, as well, can be realized when you express your ideas for a custom elevator and our design team puts them on paper.

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Of course, a two-dimensional paper drawing of your elevator isn’t where our design process ends. After a solid design has been established, our team will create a three dimensional scaled down model so you can see how the elevator will look like from all sides. As a three dimensional design can give you a better picture of what the elevator will look like in your home, any suggestions at this point can still be made. Once the design has been finalized, Artisan tests the elevator before it’s installed into your home.

Creating custom residential elevators comes down to the frame, essentially. Although certain styles like birdcage or panoramic can be designed using several of these mechanisms for a home elevator, one movement mechanism may be better for your home than others. Choose from hydraulic, winding drum, machine traction drive, and pneumatic elevators for which to base your custom design.